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Every member of the team has been fun to work with and great at their job. I particularly appreciate how proactive the team has been.

David Guerra David Guerra IT Director, SCUF Gaming

Our work and passion come together.

Modern product development should be shaped in an environment where designers and developers work closely together.

Jan Mikula Jan Mikula Director of Product

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Transform your idea into a successful product in 4 steps.

1. Research


Gathering all the critical insights about your users and competitors will lead to successful product design and smooth development.

Katerina Kelepouri Katerina Kelepouri UX Researcher

2. Design Sprint

Design Sprint

In the first 2 days we brainstorm a solution with you and over the next 2 days we take care of the prototyping and user testing your product.

Robin Palicka Robin Palicka UX Designer

3. Minimum Testable Product (MTP)

Minimum Testable Product (MTP)

We deliver an MTP in just 6 weeks so you can get feedback from potential customers, investors, and stakeholders.

Filip Naumovic Filip Naumovic UI Developer

4. Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Once we have this valuable MTP feedback we plan and develop an MVP that can be launched publicly.

Daniel Lopez Monterde Daniel Lopez Monterde Full-Stack Developer

Boost your current product in 2 steps.

Our design experts will conduct a UX audit to assess your entire app. Once we’ve identified the main issues, we’ll do a Growth Hacking Workshop and resolve them together.

Griffin Trent Griffin Trent Product Manager

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