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An interactive tool for quoting bespoke printed circuit board assemblies

The wizard interface provides information about the price and availability of requested parts from a range of suppliers. Users can configure, order, and pay for the assembly directly in the app. ADCO Circuits then orders, assembles, and ships the finished circuit boards.

Custom electronics supplier


  1. Electronics manufacturing services (EMS)
  2. Interactive website for instant component assembly
  3. Automation throughout their plant, including component handling, paperless documentation, and robotics

Speed up manual quoting from multiple suppliers


  1. Manual quoting of new projects
  2. Components offered from a wide range of suppliers based on price and availability
  3. Limited scale-up capability

Complex prototypes ordered within minutes


  1. New self-service channel for low volume and prototype assemblies
  2. Real-time check for price and availability of parts
  3. Individual user accounts that allows them to save their quote, edit, and submit later

More users are utilizing the platform for quoting


  1. Cost-efficient, fast, seamless, and reliable configure/price/quote process
  2. Parts information available from multiple distributors
  3. Personalized approach with improved delivery time for customers and increased revenue for supplier

The quality of what Salsita can do is very, very impressive.

Archie Damman Archie Damman President, ADCO Circuits

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