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Perfect wine recommendations for supermarket shoppers

Corkscrew is a cross-functional mobile app supporting a large database of wines and ratings with an innovative food pairing algorithm. By preloading the inventory from supermarkets in the US and UK, we allow shoppers to pick the perfect wine at the supermarket, quickly and conveniently.

Choose Your Wine Wisely


  1. Designed to take the uncertainty and frustration out of choosing a good wine
  2. Focus on retail and with real-time stock information for supermarkets in the UK, Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington
  3. Ongoing work includes innovative machine learning research

Building a comprehensive wine database


  1. Collect and maintain real-time stock information for a range of supermarket chains
  2. Build extensive dish-pairing database with on-staff sommelier and implement an innovative food pairing algorithm
  3. Create an attractive and intuitive user interface for non-technical users

Simplicity through advanced technology


  1. Extensive market research, user testing and user surveys
  2. Building and maintaining a scalable custom web crawler for collecting stock data
  3. Investing in new technologies and ideas to explore ML and its potential in the wine industry

Pick the perfect wine, every time


  1. App users buy wine with confidence regardless of their level of wine knowledge
  2. Choose wine based on the best value, the highest professional rating, the cheapest price, or the perfect food pairing
  3. Partnership with nation-wide retailers in the UK such as Majestic Wines

Working with the Salsita team to develop the Corkscrew wine app was an unexpectedly straightforward process. Despite my lack of tech knowledge and their limited understanding of the complexities of wine we were able to work together to build a compelling wine app that is loved by consumers in the UK and USA

Matt Day Chief Wine Officer, Corkscrew

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