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Advanced configurator for customizable XBox, PlayStation and PC controllers

Salsita’s UX and front-end specialists architected the configurator for high performance and ease-of-use. It scales up from smartphones and tablets to desktop computers. Throughout the project, Salsita’s engineers provided strategic advice on tricky UX decisions and architectural best practices.

Innovative high-performance gaming controllers


  1. High-end accessories for PC and consoles with features custom built to improve gameplay
  2. Created new market space for professional, customized controllers
  3. Over 90% of professional gamers use SCUF in esports
  4. Official controller partner of CWL, MLG, ESL, UMG, Gfinity, EGL, and other major gaming leagues

A strategic project with critical business value


  1. Finding a vendor to complete the work started by another agency
  2. Complex controller rendering in both 2D and 3D in a fully responsive UI
  3. Integration into existing client infrastructure

Improvements to UX and code architecture


  1. Following a thorough audit, the client opted in for a complete rewrite that allowed us to follow a design-driven development approach
  2. Developed custom canvas renderer that enabled responsive layer scaling and advanced visual effects
  3. Seamlessly integrated with client’s existing datasets and bespoke APIs

Cross-functional and easy-to-use app


  1. Architected configurator for high performance and ease-of-use
  2. Scales up from smartphones and tablets to desktop computers

Every member of the team has been fun to work with and great at their job. I particularly appreciate how proactive the team has been.

David Guerra David Guerra IT Director, SCUF Gaming

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