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  • eBay
  • SAP
  • Texas Instruments
  • Balfour
  • Avast
  • GoodData
Immersive experience

Purple / SAP


Purple created this revolutionary concept to help SAP energise their sales presentations with immersive 360° video and a futuristic touch interface.

Salsita took the initial prototype and turned it into a bullet-proof production system, helping to rearchitect the code base and improve usability.


We design innovative digital experiences for some of the world’s best-known corporations, including household names like Samsung, Shell and SAP. To meet their demanding standards, we need implementation partners who can quickly master complex business requirements while producing slick, compelling user interfaces and professional, maintainable code. Salsita excelled in all these areas and has become the go-to software development agency for our most challenging projects.

Emile van den Ende Emile van den Ende Technical Director, Purple
What we do

UX & Design

Katerina Kelepouri
Katerina Kelepouri UX designer

Modern app design isn't about drawing pretty pictures. It is translating client's business ideas into interfaces that users will intuitively understand and enjoy.


UI/UX Methodologies

  • Design sprint
  • Lean UX
  • Rapid prototyping


Radek Zabransky
Radek Zabransky Full-stack developer

We enjoy hard challenges. Our team solves technical problems that would leave most dev teams fleeing in terror.




Katarina Achbergerova
Katarina Achbergerova Senior QA

We spend most of our time writing automated tests because they amplify the impact that QA has on project delivery. A well-written test is an asset that adds value to the project over its entire lifecycle.


  • Manual testing
  • E2E automated testing
  • Performance testing

Testing tools

  • Selenium
  • Cypress
  • PyTest


Jan Kotrlik
Jan Kotrlik DevOps

We've been practicing continuous integration since before it was cool. Seamless deployment of new code to our development servers is something we take for granted.


  • Continuous integration
  • L2

Cloud platforms

  • AWS
  • Azure
Tasteful technology



Tablet-based menus for restaurants... simple, right? Not when the ingredients include 8 distinct web and mobile apps tailored to the needs of diners, waiters, restaurant managers and others.

Salsita has been charged since the project’s inception with implementing and managing the entire production system, helping to craft the user experience and overcoming the technical challenges of integrating with a dozen proprietary point-of-sale (POS) systems.


I greatly appreciate that rather than passively waiting for instructions, they are constantly on the lookout for potential issues as well as intelligent proposals on how to address them. They are speedy and efficient, agile and responsive delivering a high quality output.

Daniel Potter Daniel Potter CEO at Potter Ventures Limited

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