JS Developers

Tomas Weiss
Tomas Weiss React, Node.
Martin Gajdiciar
Martin Gajdiciar React, RN, Angular, Node.
Thomas Morris
Thomas Morris React, React Native, Node.
Pavel John
Pavel John React, Node.
Craig Bishell
Craig Bishell React, Angular, Node.
Jan Dolezel
Jan Dolezel React, Angular, Node.
Jiri Vejmola
Jiri Vejmola React, Angular, Node.
Tomy Novella
Tomy Novella React, React Native, Node.
Brano Holy
Brano Holy React, TypeScript, Node.

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Full-range skill sets

We have seasoned talent to tackle every phase of the software development process. Our engineers are among the best in the business.

Clutch Review

They built the whole functional platform on time

They were always planning out the scenarios that we had in front of us. If they had the ability to do something quicker, we were given upfront what the risks were that we'd be facing or that could cause potential future risks.

Andrew Elliot CEO & Co-Founder, Techloop

They remained on schedule and within our budget

They were really great at UX/UI at every stage of the project, which a lot of companies can't say. They've done a great job capturing user feedback and incorporating it into updated versions of the app.

Ryan Meinzer VP, FirstAM

They went above and beyond of what we expected of them

They were always very quick with replying. Our tech lead, specifically, was very quick at responding to us and completing any changes that needed to be done. The team as a whole met all of our deadlines.

Jason Collins Founder & CEO, Petshare

They are very engaged in finding solutions to complex problems

We were able to achieve parts of our goals with developing the product further. This is a key demand of our customers, so Salsita contributed to the success Staffbase currently has on the market.

Mirko Swillus Engineering Manager, Staffbase GmbH

Their efforts succeeded in bringing the company closer together

Salsita Software managed the project well and simplified the development process. They were available to work on the project very quickly and they were able to create a high-quality product that was well-received by stakeholders.

Dominic Rheinwald Head of Global Digital Marketing, BayWa GmbH

They're honorable and the communication has always been very good

Their team has developed a functional and useful app. Their communication was good—a weekly meeting helped structure the project. They were very trustworthy throughout.

Kieran Morris CEO, eCOurt.ie

Why Salsita?

Great value compared to both Western agencies and low-cost bodyshops

Great value compared to both Western agencies and low-cost bodyshops

Choosing an agency for your web and mobile app development can be frustrating. Local agencies often provide great quality but at a premium price. Offshore agencies and bodyshops offer rock-bottom prices but with quality and professionalism that leave a lot to be desired. At Salsita, we've built a world-class web and mobile agency in the heart of Europe that matches any North American agency in quality but with far more competitive prices.

World-class JavaScript expertise

World-class JavaScript expertise

At Salsita we have been providing JavaScript engineering talent to our clients since 2012. We were early adopters of Angular, Node.js, React and React Native. We hire our developers for their engineering prowess, not specific narrow skillsets, and only 5% or less of full-stack developers make it through our rigorous interview process.

Full-stack engineers with deep front and back-end expertise

Full-stack engineers with deep front and back-end expertise

App development doesn't stop at the front-end. Our trained computer scientists are as comfortable writing GraphQL endpoints for a Node.js server as coding slick React-based user interfaces. This means we can easily move resources to the front or back tier depending on where they are most needed.

5 Advantages of hiring a developer team over freelancers

  • A freelancers' availability may not match your timeline.
  • You need to manage a freelance developer yourself.
  • Choosing the wrong freelancer can be an extremely expensive mistake.
  • Freelancers may sometimes disappear without any warning.
  • Freelance developers work alone and may have trouble adjusting in a team environment.
  • We can easily move developers to and from various projects.
  • Our developers are managed by a project manager.
  • We have over 10 years experience in hiring top full-stack developers.
  • At Salsita we take our client commitments seriously.
  • Our developers are accustomed to working in an internal or external team environment.

I just finished up a full day remote meeting where we ended with a verbal commitment for a huge new customer. The product is looking great. I very much appreciate all of your hard work!

Curt Lefebvre Curt Lefebvre CEO at nDimensional

Our Services

  • UX & Product Design

    Our UX team comprises visual designers, UX experts, and UI developers. We will guide you through the entire process from concept to prototype.

  • Web & Mobile App Development

    We enjoy hard challenges. Our team solves technical problems that would leave most dev teams fleeing in terror.

  • Quality Assurance

    We spend most of our time writing automated tests because they amplify the impact that QA has on project delivery.

  • DevOps

    We've been practicing continuous integration and seamless deployment of new code to our development servers since before it was cool.

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Our technologies

We've delivered dozens of production-ready web and mobile apps over the past 10 years. As a result, our team has gained hands-on experience with a wide range of cutting-edge technologies.

  • Languages

    JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Swift

  • Databases

    MongoDB, ElasticSearch, MySQL, PostgreSQL

  • User Interface

    HighCharts, Material Design, MaterialUI, Bootstrap, Three.js

  • Data

    RxJS, GraphQL, Apollo Client, Apollo Server

  • Libraries

    Redux, Redux Forms, Redux Saga, MobX, Next.js, Router5, Nuxt, Vuex

  • Frameworks

    React, React Native, Vue, Angular, Node

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