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Accelerated development thanks to Salsita’s developers and designers

Salsita’s experienced React developers, UI specialists and UX engineers have helped Staffbase to manage their startup’s hypergrowth and tackle their ambitious product roadmap.

A fast-growing startup


  1. Your entire workforce connected with a secure communications app, creating a unified employee experience
  2. Mobile-first platform that enables employees to communicate, access work-related services, and stay up-to-date with company news
  3. Addresses internal communication challenges by helping enterprises to build a best-in-class employee experience

Finding the right developers to match their Stack


  1. Experienced enormous sales growth that outstripped developer recruitment
  2. Required self-standing teams to work on parts of their app alongside internal teams
  3. Needed people who could fit their culture, processes, and collaborate seamlessly with internal staff

A well-balanced development team


  1. Creating a dedicated development team covering UX, QA, PM, and development
  2. Working independently, but also closely with Staffbase’s internal teams, especially with product management and engineering
  3. Helped scale up development capacity and tackle evolving priorities

Success in the international market


  1. Staffbase was able to achieve business goals by accelerating product design and development
  2. Staffbase customers are satisfied because key demands for new features and product enhancements were successfully implemented
  3. Partnering with Salsita has continued to contribute to Staffbase’s current market success

Clutch Review

They are very engaged in finding solutions to complex problems

We were able to achieve parts of our goals with developing the product further. This is a key demand of our customers, so Salsita contributed to the success Staffbase currently has on the market.

Mirko Swillus Engineering Manager, Staffbase GmbH

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