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Purple / Hyro

Radical concept that revolutionizes how companies create business presentations

Purple created this revolutionary concept to help corporations energize their sales presentations with immersive 360° video and a futuristic touch interface. They partnered with Salsita to transform their vision into reality, and together they created a suite of unique web applications: 10 independent web app servers, large touch-enabled control interface, voice and touch control, as well as real-time collaboration.

Innovative technologies


  1. Purple is about standing out of the crowd, daring to innovate, challenging the status quo, and adding a spark of magic to marketing and communication
  2. Using innovative technologies to create business value for leading brands
  3. Translating high-level strategies into striking creative concepts

Change the presentation game


  1. Rethink and redesign PowerPoint-like presentations to make them more compelling and engaging
  2. Design and deliver the highest quality content to users
  3. Provide exceptional user experience for people to interact with and create memorable, immersive presentations

Interactive storytelling software to create visually stunning stories


  1. Designed and developed the ultimate presentation experience. Content is projected on the surrounding walls creating an immersive effect.
  2. Audience can interact with presentation by touch and voice control or using the control table in the middle.
  3. Presenters can join from remote locations via integrated video conferencing.
  4. Presenters can create high-quality, high-resolution content using a custom Content Management System (CMS) developed by Salsita.

Used in 20+ countries by multiple large enterprise customers


  1. The immersive room is being used by 5+ Fortune 500 companies
  2. Purple has signed up multiple Global 2000 customers and is growing rapidly
  3. Clients are delighted with the ability to create immersive presentations that enhance their sales efforts

Salsita has excelled in all areas and become the go-to software development agency for our most challenging projects.

Emile van den Ende Emile van den Ende Technical Director/Partner, Purple Creative Innovators

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