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Strengthening the security and performance of the API and database

Olvin approached us to help them finalize their backend implementation for production. In order to do that, we made significant improvements to the API and database to beef up its security and performance. We’ve also started to rewrite the server from the existing REST API to GraphQL, which is a better fit for Olvin’s use case.

Predictive consumer insights for retail companies


  1. Olvin’s mission is to create a level playing field enabling brick and mortar retailers to compete effectively against eCommerce vendors
  2. By using the latest developments in ML and AI, Olvin’s flagship Almanac product, helps clients in retail, real estate and hospitality to better manage stock and target their offering

Strengthen backend development team


  1. Seeking top-notch Node.js developers
  2. Needed to increase development velocity
  3. Needed help to address performance issues within their solution

Backend code audit and improvements


  1. Complete preliminary audit of the existing backend
  2. Present recommendations for improvements to the client
  3. Implement recommended improvements
  4. Collaborate with the client and front-end development team

Higher quality to satisfy demanding customers


  1. Improved build and deployment process and solution architecture
  2. Significant improvement of overall performance
  3. Higher implementation quality and scalability

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