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Healthcare / Pharmaceutical

Namaste MD

A telemedicine web and mobile app for remote prescriptions via video conference

Salsita led development of this cross-platform app which greatly accelerated delivery, helping Namaste to hit a critical launch deadline. With a successful mobile implementation under their belt, Salsita’s engineers then created a web app for desktop use and rewrote the video server to improve code quality, performance, and reliability.

The future of cannabis


  1. Telemedicine mobile app for Canadian patients
  2. Patients can submit applications and book appointments
  3. Provides patients with easy-to-use online video/audio consultation
  4. Simplified prescription process, online order fulfilment, and payment processing

Improving UX and restructuring code base


  1. Previous version suffered from critical production issues
  2. Salsita’s team quickly resolved high-priority bugs
  3. Within a few weeks, the app was stabilized and focus shifted to improving UX and adding features

Enhanced code and UX


  1. Complete rewrite of React Native app
  2. Solved crucial production issues related to video calling
  3. Optimized overall UX in cooperation with Namaste

Reliable platform and satisfied customers


  1. Entire development lifecycle is covered
  2. Major improvements in app store user ratings
  3. Superior app/video call quality and stability

They have continually exceeded expectations, helping not just with the mobile app but with continuous integration, UX, automated testing and backend improvements.

Chad Agate Chad Agate CTO, Namaste

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