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Advanced B2C furniture configurator integrated directly into the manufacturing process

KILO takes a unique approach to furniture configuration, using a CNC (computer numerical control) machine to manufacture pieces to customers’ exact specifications. Want that table a few centimeters longer? The CNC machine will cut the wood planks accordingly.

Stylish minimalist furniture with exceptional customization options


  1. All furniture produced from a single material using a single tool
  2. Use of a CNC machine enables limitless customization
  3. Pieces are assembled by the buyer without nails, screws or glue
  4. Retail shops in Amsterdam and Antwerp with plans for international expansion

Flexibility without complexity


  1. Handle powerful customization options while remaining easy to use and understand
  2. Provide a powerful, intuitive user interface on both mobile and desktop
  3. Support the entire design and manufacturing process without human intervention
  4. Send configured orders to the existing eCommerce platform, including variable pricing

Customizing the customizer


  1. Design process driven by UX best practices with the close involvement of client stakeholders
  2. Builds on Salsita’s state-of-the-art 3D product configurator framework
  3. Adds capabilities for quickly and easily modifying product dimensions such as height, width and depth
  4. Integration with the CNC machine so that orders can be fed directly from the website into the manufacturing process

Laying the groundwork for rapid sales growth


  1. Manufacturing can be scaled up thanks to reduced need for human intervention
  2. Automation and seamless integration with existing components removes potential sources of error
  3. Customized furniture can be ordered online from anywhere in the world
  4. Distinctive customer experience is a differentiator that will help increase sales

I’ve never experienced the high level of professionalism the Salsita team brought to the table.

Jan Paul Koning Jan Paul Koning Co-Founder, KILO

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