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Developing new features for a fully-featured web-based email plugin

BEE contacted us to get help developing new features for their BEE Plugin, a popular web-based email plugin for SaaS vendors template editor. In cooperation with their internal development team, we added support for third-party addons and enhanced the plugin with real-time collaborative editing and commenting features.

The best email builder


  1. Created by the experts at MailUp, a publicly listed email marketing firm
  2. Major email service provider with over 10,000 paying customers in over 50 countries
  3. The BEE plugin is used by hundreds of cutting-edge SaaS companies including MailUp

Working backwards to introduce new features


  1. Newly introduced features and improvements needed to be backwards compatible
  2. Improving application performance for BEE’s large user base
  3. Dealing with legacy code and helping to introduce modern engineering practices

A multi-user collaboration template editor


  1. Extension of BEE plugin to support third-party add-ons like Giphy images
  2. Implementing real-time collaboration features so multiple users can work together on the same email
  3. Architecture and design of robust server solution to synchronize changes and ensure data integrity among multiple users in real time

Delivering on challenging scope with aggressive timelines


  1. Significant new features for existing BEE customers, while maintaining backwards compatibility
  2. Modern collaborative editing solution with great user experience similar to Google Docs
  3. Technical advisory and input on improving existing development process

Salsita helped us accelerate on some cool projects that extended the functionality of our embeddable content editor.

Massimo Arrigoni Massimo Arrigoni CEO, BEE by MailUp Group

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