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A full-service software development agency.

Our multidisciplinary team can help with every aspect of your app development project, from product design to build engineering and production support.

  • Design

    Great software development starts with great design. Whether you need to nail that one tricky feature or produce a complete new user interface from scratch, our product design experts have the skills you need.

  • Develop

    Salsita engineers are not your typical web developers. We hire top-notch computer scientists with deep expertise in software architecture, implementation and algorithms.

  • Deliver

    We have an impressive track record of client satisfaction, with dozens of successful projects and the glowing client testimonials to prove it.

Complete control

An advanced configurator for customizable XBox and PlayStation controllers

Salsita's UX and front-end specialists architected the configurator for high performance and ease-of-use. It scales up from smartphones and tablets to desktop computers. Throughout the project, Salsita's engineers provided strategic advice on tricky UX decisions and architectural best practices.

Scuf Gaming

Every member of the team has been fun to work with and great at their job. I particularly appreciate how proactive the team has been.

David Guerra David Guerra IT Director, Scuf Gaming

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