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Find out why eBay, SAP and other leading North American and European companies have outsourced their web and mobile app projects to Salsita’s developers and consultants.

  • ColijnIT

    3D web based room planner for designing, configuring and decorating rooms

    After a successful proof-of-concept, we implemented a complete room planner that lets you design strikingly realistic interiors, then view, pan and rotate them in 3D. Thanks to integration with the iONE product configurator, you can drop in detailed 3D furniture models and customize them in place.

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  • Purple / SAP

    Immersive experience room

    Purple created this revolutionary concept to help SAP energise their sales presentations with immersive 360° video and a futuristic touch interface.

  • Balfour

    Yearbooks and educational resources

    Our job was to replace a legacy desktop application with a modern web-based solution. The result is a state-of-the-art web app that lets high schools and universities design pixel-perfect yearbooks with the capabilities of popular desktop publishing applications like Adobe InDesign and QuarkXpress.

  • Scuf Gaming

    An advanced configurator for customizable XBox and PlayStation controllers

    Salsita's UX and front-end specialists architected the configurator for high performance and ease-of-use. It scales up from smartphones and tablets to desktop computers. Throughout the project, Salsita's engineers provided strategic advice on tricky UX decisions and architectural best practices.

Salsita has become the go-to software development agency for our most challenging projects.

Emile van den Ende Emile van den Ende Technical Director, Purple

Why Salsita?

Client-focused approach

Client-focused approach

We use either kanban or scrum, both widely accepted agile methodologies, to manage the development process. Clients are closely involved in all stages of the process, with weekly coordination meetings and demos. All clients have a direct line of communication with their Salsita development team via Slack.

Beautiful responsive front-ends

Beautiful responsive front-ends

Creating a modern app requires a combination of highly specialized skills: user experience design, graphic design and motion design along with the engineering muscle to implement the design vision in robust, maintainable code. Our grueling interview process and engineer-friendly company culture have enabled us to build an exceptional team with expert talent in all areas of front-end development.

Scalable backends for high performance and availability

Scalable backends for high performance and availability

We create backend architectures that are designed from day one with reliability and scalability in mind. We prefer to implement small, stateless server-side components that are easy to scale up under increased load.

The Salsita team has never failed to deliver and impress, both with their technical acumen, but also professionalism.

Ryan Meinzer Ryan Meinzer Director of Engineering, Balfour

Our Web services

  • UX and product design

    Get your project off to a great start with our user-centric UX and product design workshops

  • Front- and back-end development

    Our team of full-stack and UI developers are hand-picked for mastery of complex software architectures, algorithms and development best practices.

  • QA automation and manual testing

    Quality assurance is an intrical part of our process. We have a bias towards automated testing and perform manual, performance and penetration testing as needed.

  • Build engineering and continuous deployment

    Our build engineers craft efficient build pipelines so that you have access to the latest version of your app throughout the development process.

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Salsita embraced the challenge and has proven capable of creating a slick and sophisticated 3D web front-end.

David Colijn David Colijn Product Manager, Colijn IT B.V.

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