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Find out why eBay, SAP and other leading North American and European companies have outsourced their web and mobile app projects to Salsita’s developers and consultants.

  • Namaste

    An e-medicine mobile app for remote prescriptions via video conference

    Salsita produced iOS and Android versions of the app using React Native. The use of a cross-platform framework greatly accelerated development, allowing Namaste to hit a critical launch deadline. With a successful mobile implementation under their belt, Salsita’s engineers then created a web app for desktop use and rewrote the video server to improve code quality, performance and reliability.

  • ColijnIT

    3D web based room planner for designing, configuring and decorating rooms

    After a successful proof-of-concept, we implemented a complete room planner that lets you design strikingly realistic interiors, then view, pan and rotate them in 3D. Thanks to integration with the iONE product configurator, you can drop in detailed 3D furniture models and customize them in place.

  • Scuf Gaming

    An advanced configurator for customizable XBox and PlayStation controllers

    Salsita's UX and front-end specialists architected the configurator for high performance and ease-of-use. It scales up from smartphones and tablets to desktop computers. Throughout the project, Salsita's engineers provided strategic advice on tricky UX decisions and architectural best practices.

  • Ecourt

    Bringing paperless litigations to the UK

    We built this project from the ground up starting with market research and investigation on just how to seamlessly replace the weighty paperwork of the litigation process. After failing to find React modules that allow for advanced PDF editing, we ended up using PDFTron (C++ package) and wrote our own bridging modules for both Kotlin and ObjC.

Every member of the team has been fun to work with and great at their job. I particularly appreciate how proactive the team has been.

David Guerra David Guerra IT Director, Scuf Gaming

Why Salsita?

We have a long history with modern front-end frameworks including Vue.js

We have a long history with modern front-end frameworks including Vue.js

At Salsita, we have been using modern frontend frameworks since 2012, when we started with Angular. We were early adopters of React and recognize it as a great evolution in front-end development. As Vue.js started to gain traction, we were watching closely and, in the end, decided to create our new website in this new promising framework so that we could get our hands on it. The result was a slick new website and our engineers unanimously declaring that they love Vue!

With Vue.js we can deliver your MVP quickly

With Vue.js we can deliver your MVP quickly

We focus on delivering our clients MVPs as soon as possible. Vue.js is great for that. It’s a framework that offers a smooth developer experience. This is because it leverages the classic HTML/CSS way of development.

All your development needs from UX to production support

All your development needs from UX to production support

Our team provides the full spectrum of software development services: UX, graphic design, front-end and back-end implementation, test automation, continuous integration, and L2 production support. If you have your own development team, our engineers can slot in to fill in the gaps, increase velocity, and help make your project a success.

Their team quickly understood our business needs, and immediately contributed to accelerate our product roadmap. They have proven themselves to be professional, experienced JavaScript developers.

Liam Lynch Liam Lynch Software Development Manager, Blue Tree Systems

Our Vue services

  • Custom development

    Project implementation by top engineers with a proven track record of success

  • Architecture consultation

    Future-proof your project with a scalable, maintainable architecture

  • Training and best practices

    Learn from the best and turbocharge you in-house development skills

  • Code audits and project review

    Get feedback on your project with detailed suggestions for improvement

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We rarely outsource software projects. However, we feel that we can benefit from the outside expertise of true specialists. This was certainly the case with Salsita.

Ondrej Vlcek Ondrej Vlcek CEO, Avast

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