UX & Design

Jan Mikula
Jan Mikula Director of Product
Guillaume Marty
Guillaume Marty UI Developer
Katerina Kelepouri
Katerina Kelepouri UX Designer
Filip Naumovic
Filip Naumovic UI Developer
Kseniia Simakhina
Kseniia Simakhina UX Designer
Pavel Moravec
Pavel Moravec UI Developer
Lukas Kral
Lukas Kral UX Designer
Denisa Svobodova
Denisa Svobodova UI Developer
Jan Bartunek
Jan Bartunek UI Developer
Taras Mykolayevych
Taras Mykolayevych UI Developer
Robin Palicka
Robin Palicka UX Designer
David Sklar
David Sklar UI Developer
Jiri Silha
Jiri Silha Graphic Designer

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Full-range skill sets

Our modern app design isn't about drawing pretty pictures. It's about translating a client's business idea into interfaces that users love.

Our UX & UI Work

Clutch Review

They built the whole functional platform on time

They were always planning out the scenarios that we had in front of us. If they had the ability to do something quicker, we were given upfront what the risks were that we'd be facing or that could cause potential future risks.

Andrew Elliot CEO & Co-Founder, Techloop

They remained on schedule and within our budget

They were really great at UX/UI at every stage of the project, which a lot of companies can't say. They've done a great job capturing user feedback and incorporating it into updated versions of the app.

Ryan Meinzer VP, FirstAM

They went above and beyond of what we expected of them

They were always very quick with replying. Our tech lead, specifically, was very quick at responding to us and completing any changes that needed to be done. The team as a whole met all of our deadlines.

Jason Collins Founder & CEO, Petshare

They are very engaged in finding solutions to complex problems

We were able to achieve parts of our goals with developing the product further. This is a key demand of our customers, so Salsita contributed to the success Staffbase currently has on the market.

Mirko Swillus Engineering Manager, Staffbase GmbH

Their efforts succeeded in bringing the company closer together

Salsita Software managed the project well and simplified the development process. They were available to work on the project very quickly and they were able to create a high-quality product that was well-received by stakeholders.

Dominic Rheinwald Head of Global Digital Marketing, BayWa GmbH

They're honorable and the communication has always been very good

Their team has developed a functional and useful app. Their communication was good—a weekly meeting helped structure the project. They were very trustworthy throughout.

Kieran Morris CEO, eCOurt.ie

Our services

  • 30-Day MTP/MVP Development

    The goal of this phase is to develop a minimal testable product (MTP) that you can start showing to your potential customers or investors. Once we get the initial response from real life, we can focus on delivering an MVP.

  • 1-Day UX Consultation

    The goal is to go through your business goals, research your customer pain points and clearly express the problems that the app should try to solve. We will sketch one or two possible solutions and discuss the next steps.

  • 5-Day Design Sprint

    The goal is to get a prototype of the whole feature that can be implemented in the next few months from two days of active brainstorming, followed by 1 day to create a clickable prototype and another day of user testing.

  • 3-Day UX Audit

    In a UX audit we identify the strengths and weaknesses of the app's current UX based on analytics data, customer feedback, user testing, and our expert reviews. Then we suggest next steps in order to mitigate those weaknesses.

Check out our UX price list and the details of all 5 of our distinct services by entering your email below. Each one resolves a different business requirement or need.

Why Salsita?

Diverse skill sets to cover all your product design and UX needs

Diverse skill sets to cover all your product design and UX needs

Our UX team comprises visual designers, UX engineers, motion designers and UI developers. We will guide you through the entire design process from concept to working prototype. And our world-class team of full-stack JavaScript developers is perfectly positioned to implement your app once the initial design phase is completed.

We cover all phases of the UX lifecycle

We cover all phases of the UX lifecycle

Our team will help you get your project off on the right foot, whether with a one-week Design Sprint or a full month of ideation and prototyping. But our work doesn't stop there. We can continue to provide UX feedback with regular user testing through the MVP development phase. Then we help you to scale up in production with an analysis of analytics data, A/B testing and Growth Hacking workshops.

Salsita is a full-service software development agency

Salsita is a full-service software development agency

We specialize in the creation of sophisticated, modern web applications and mobile apps. Our clients range from funded startups developing an MVP to world-famous enterprises such as eBay, SAP and Texas Instruments. At Salsita, we've built a world-class web and mobile agency in the heart of Europe that matches any North American agency in quality but with far more competitive prices.

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