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    Future-proof your project with a scalable, maintainable architecture

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We design innovative digital experiences for some of the world’s best-known corporations, including household names like Samsung, Shell and SAP. To meet their demanding standards, we need implementation partners who can quickly master complex business requirements while producing slick, compelling user interfaces and professional, maintainable code. Salsita excelled in all these areas and has become the go-to software development agency for our most challenging projects.

Emile van den Ende Emile van den Ende Technical Director, Purple

Our Work

  • Namaste

    A mobile app for patients to receive and renew medical marijuana prescriptions

    Salsita produced iOS and Android versions of the app using React Native. The use of a cross-platform framework greatly accelerated development, allowing Namaste to hit a critical launch deadline. With a successful mobile implementation under their belt, Salsita’s engineers then created a web app for desktop use and rewrote the video server to improve code quality, performance and reliability.

  • Ecourt

    Bringing paperless litigations to the UK

    We built this project from the ground up starting with market research and investigation on just how to seamlessly replace the weighty paperwork of the litigation process. After failing to find react modules that allow for advanced PDF editing, we ended up using PDFTron (C++ package) and wrote our on bridging modules for both Kotlin and ObjC.

  • Samsung 10

    Timeline videos to support the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S10

    Salsita was charged with implementing both a mobile app and backend for creating timeline videos. The mobile app was based on creating reliable communication with the client’s custom-built hardware for the Samsung 10 unveiling.

I greatly appreciate that rather than passively waiting for instructions, they are constantly on the lookout for potential issues as well as intelligent proposals on how to address them. They are speedy and efficient, agile and responsive delivering a high quality output.

Daniel Potter Daniel Potter CEO at Potter Ventures Limited

Why Salsita?

React Native mastery thanks to our JavaScript and React expertise

With our world-class team of JavaScript and React specialists, we see React Native as a groundbreaking platform for cross-platform mobile app development. We apply our React expertise to React Native to ensure that your app takes advantage of the most modern software stack and best practices.

All your development needs from UX to production support

Our full-stack developers work hand-in-hand with UX designers, test automation engineers and back-end engineers to create true native mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Always have the latest app version throughout the development process

With years of experience crafting efficient build pipelines, we use continuous integration to produce automated builds for iOS and Android throughout the development process. You will always have access to the very latest version of your app.

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