Our Node.js Work

Find out why eBay, SAP and other leading North American and European companies have outsourced their web and mobile app projects to Salsita’s developers and consultants.

  • Purple / SAP

    Immersive experience room

    Purple created this revolutionary concept to help SAP energise their sales presentations with immersive 360° video and a futuristic touch interface.

  • Ordamo

    Tablet-based menus for restaurants

    Tablet-based menus for restaurants... simple, right? Not when the ingredients include eight distinct web and mobile apps tailored to the needs of diners, waiters, restaurant managers and others.

  • Corkscrew

    Wine recommendations, food pairing and much more

    Corkscrew helps users pick the perfect wine, every time. Sporting a massive data of wines and ratings with an innovative food pairing algorithm, the slick Cordova app runs on both iOS and Android.

  • ColijnIT

    3D web based room planner for designing, configuring and decorating rooms

    After a successful proof-of-concept, we implemented a complete room planner that lets you design strikingly realistic interiors, then view, pan and rotate them in 3D. Thanks to integration with the iONE product configurator, you can drop in detailed 3D furniture models and customize them in place.

Salsita has become the go-to software development agency for our most challenging projects.

Emile van den Ende Emile van den Ende Technical Director, Purple

Why Salsita?

JavaScript expertise for solid maintainable software architecture

JavaScript expertise for solid maintainable software architecture

Salsita has focused exclusively on JavaScript development from its inception in 2010. Clients benefit from our solid software architectures and elegant code, thanks to our engineers' deep mastery of JavaScript best practices.

Full-stack engineers who master the entire software stack

Full-stack engineers who master the entire software stack

We don't hire front-end developers, we hire top computer scientists who are at home in any software environment. Our intense internal training program ensures that they master the entire software stack from slick front-ends to secure and maintainable back-ends.

All your development needs from UX to production support

All your development needs from UX to production support

Our team provides the full spectrum of software development services: UX, graphic design, front-end and back-end implementation, test automation, continuous integration and L2 production support. Got your own development team? Our engineers can slot in to fill in the gaps, increase velocity and help make your project a success.

The Salsita team is speedy and efficient, agile and responsive, delivering a high quality output.

Daniel Potter Daniel Potter CEO at Potter Ventures Limited

Our Node.js services

  • Custom development

    Project implementation by top engineers with a proven track record of success

  • Architecture consultation

    Future-proof your project with a scalable, maintainable architecture

  • Training and best practices

    Learn from the best and turbocharge you in-house development skills

  • Code audits and project review

    Get feedback on your project with detailed suggestions for improvement

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We have high standards for anyone we work with, and as consultants, Salsita was able to quickly grasp complex project requirements and work independently to get things done.

Peter Reinhardt Peter Reinhardt CEO, Segment

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