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Find out why eBay, SAP and other leading North American and European companies have outsourced their web and mobile app projects to Salsita’s developers and consultants.

  • ColijnIT

    3D web based room planner for designing, configuring and decorating rooms

    After a successful proof-of-concept, we implemented a complete room planner that lets you design strikingly realistic interiors, then view, pan and rotate them in 3D. Thanks to integration with the iONE product configurator, you can drop in detailed 3D furniture models and customize them in place.

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  • Blue Tree Systems (ORBCOMM)

    Business telematics solution for truck fleets

    Successful telematic solution that allows logistics companies to monitor their trucks in real time. It gives dispatchers and drivers all the necessary information to keep fuel costs low and cargo trucks safe.

  • SmartBear

    Tools that help you across the development lifecycle

    SmartBear's development and testing applications are some of the most popular in the world, used by small companies and global corporations alike. As they work with cutting-edge technologies, they asked Salsita to provide several AngularJS specialists to augment their in-house development team.

  • FP Assistance

    A full-scale reporting system for childcare and after school programs

    FPA provides financial support to non-profit childcare programs in Texas. Their daily reports, which cover enrollment, meals served, payments, and more, created tons of paperwork. To solve this, Salsita created a complete data warehousing and reporting solution, through which these processes are now fully automated, saving thousands of man-hours every year.

Salsita embraced the challenge and has proven capable of creating a slick and sophisticated 3D web front-end.

David Colijn David Colijn Product Manager, Colijn IT B.V.

Why Salsita?

World-class Angular expertise ensures a solid software architecture

World-class Angular expertise ensures a solid software architecture

We were one of the earliest adopters of AngularJS way back in 2012. Since then we have developed many sophisticated production apps using Angular. Our long experience means that we lived the transition from AngularJS (first generation) to Angular (second generation) and have used the framework with a wide variety of complementary libraries such as RxJS and Angular Material.

All your development needs from UX to production support

All your development needs from UX to production support

Our team provides the full spectrum of software development services: UX, graphic design, front-end and back-end implementation, test automation, continuous integration and L2 production support. Got your own development team? Our engineers can slot in to fill in the gaps, increase velocity and help make your project a success.

Full-stack engineers with deep front- and back-end expertise

Full-stack engineers with deep front- and back-end expertise

App development doesn’t stop at the front-end. Our trained computer scientists are as comfortable writing GraphQL endpoints for a Node.js server as coding slick React-based user interfaces. This means we can easily move resources to the front or back tier depending on where they are most needed.

Their team quickly understood our business needs, and immediately contributed to accelerate our product roadmap. They have proven themselves to be professional, experienced JavaScript developers.

Liam Lynch Liam Lynch Software Development Manager, Blue Tree Systems

Our Angular services

  • Custom development

    Project implementation by top engineers with a proven track record of success

  • Architecture consultation

    Future-proof your project with a scalable, maintainable architecture

  • Training and best practices

    Learn from the best and turbocharge you in-house development skills

  • Code audits and project review

    Get feedback on your project with detailed suggestions for improvement

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Thanks to Salsita and their highly trained Angular engineers we were able to increase our development velocity immediately. We’re delighted with the contribution they have made to our team.

Neil Garnichaud Neil Garnichaud VP/General Manager, SmartBear Software

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