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Dashboards & Analytics

Navigating the fleet

Blue Tree Systems

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Business telematics solution for large and mid-sized truck fleets

Successful telematic solution that allows logistics companies to monitor their trucks in real time. It gives dispatchers and drivers all the necessary information to keep fuel costs low and cargo trucks safe.

Blue Tree Systems

Our experienced in-house engineering team was originally hesitant to work with an outside vendor. Today we are confidently working with Salsita to deliver mission-critical product releases. Their team quickly understood our business needs, and immediately contributed to accelerate our product roadmap. They have proven themselves to be professional, experienced JavaScript developers and I would happily recommend them to anyone searching for skilled JavaScript engineers.

Liam Lynch Liam Lynch Software Development Manager, Blue Tree Systems

3D & Visualizations

Virtually real


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3D web based room planner for designing, configuring and decorating rooms

After a successful proof-of-concept, we implemented a complete room planner that lets you design strikingly realistic interiors, then view, pan and rotate them in 3D. Thanks to integration with the iONE product configurator, you can drop in detailed 3D furniture models and customize them in place.

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When we kicked off development of an innovative 3D web application a couple of years ago, most of the agencies we contacted didn’t want to touch the project, which is very different and far more challenging than your average web app. Unlike the others, Salsita embraced the challenge and has proven capable of creating a slick and sophisticated 3D web front-end. Since the success of the first project, we have expanded the scope of the cooperation, and they are helping us to roll out an entirely new product line with potentially major impact on our business.

David Colijn David Colijn Product Manager, Colijn IT B.V.

Content Editors

Designing memories

Yearbooks and educational resources

Our job was to replace a legacy desktop application with a modern web-based solution. The result is a state-of-the-art web app that lets high schools and universities design pixel-perfect yearbooks with the capabilities of popular desktop publishing applications like Adobe InDesign and QuarkXpress.


Our projects are large, bleeding-edge applications to which the Salsita team has never failed to deliver and impress, both with their technical acumen, but also professionalism and willingness to see the project through to deployment.

Ryan Meinzer Ryan Meinzer Director of Engineering, Balfour

Crossplatform Mobile Apps

In your pocket



The sommelier in your pocket

Overwhelmed by choice in the supermarket wine aisle? Corkscrew helps users pick the perfect wine, every time. Sporting a massive data of wines and ratings with an innovative food pairing algorithm, the slick Cordova app runs on both iOS and Android.


The app, which was founded in London in 2016, sifts through hundreds of bottles at your chosen supermarket to find the wines that will pair perfectly with your dinner so cooks can find the perfect plonk every time without the need to go on expensive wine tasting courses.

Daily Mail Online Daily Mail Online Popular British tabloid


Strong connections


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Reliable infrastructure for your customer data

Segment engaged us to accelerate the development of their third-party integrations roadmap. We built custom integration modules for a number of popular Segment integration partners.


JavaScript is critical to our integrations architecture at Segment. We have high standards for anyone we work with, and as consultants, Salsita was able to quickly grasp complex project requirements and work independently to get things done. They were super helpful in building new integrations, augmenting our engineering team's efforts and accelerating the business.

Peter Reinhardt Peter Reinhardt CEO, Segment

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