Increase conversions with Salsita 3D Configurator.


Salsita 3D Configurator has a modern API-first architecture that allows full customization of configurator features and UX. You can integrate seamlessly with manufacturing processes, ERP, CRM and eCommerce platforms to help visitors configure their dream product, and gain insights about sales and customer preferences.

  • Improve customer satisfaction and engagement

    Research shows that personalization boosts customer loyalty and engagement. A study by Bain & Company showed that customers who designed their own shoes when buying online gave companies a 50% higher Net Promoter Score or NPS (a standard measure of customer loyalty). Higher NPS typically leads to higher sales, referrals and lifetime customer value.

  • Increase conversion rates and online revenues

    A high-quality product configurator sets you apart from the competition and offers customers the ability to design and purchase exactly the product they want. 3D visualization gives them confidence in what they are buying. The result is higher sales: retailers have reported increased of up to 30-50% in online sales after implementing a 3D product configurator.

  • Gain insights into consumer behavior and preferences

    By letting customers design their own products, you gain invaluable insights into the features and configurations that interest them most. This can help you to focus your product development efforts and optimize your manufacturing and logistics.

  • Streamline manufacturing processes

    Manufacturing personalized products can be a challenge. By engaging customers directly in the process, 3D product configurators help ensure that you product exactly the product they are looking for. By integrating the configurator into your manufacturing process, you can reduce costs by minimizing the need for manual intervention.

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I've never experienced the delivery team living up to the sales team's hype, but in Salsita's case, they actually exceeded it.

Ricardo Moraes Founder, L'Atelier Paris

Benefits of Choosing Salsita 3D Configurator

1. Stunning 3D Visualization

Stunning 3D Visualization

If you don't have 3D models, we can create them for you. Our designers are able to create stunning photorealistic 3D renders of products.

2. Tailor-made UX and Design

Tailor-made UX and Design

Our configurator framework decouples the product configuration and pricing backend from the frontend UX, which gives us control over the process flow, UI design, and overall UX.

3. Manufacturing Process Pairing

Manufacturing Process Pairing

With our headless 3D product configurator, you can integrate seamlessly with your manufacturing processes to increase automation and reduce risk of errors.

4. 3D Parametric Modeling Support

3D Parametric Modeling Support

3D parametric configuration allows users to choose the exact dimensions of the product they are configuring, as long as the manufacturing process supports this.

5. Custom Software Development Services

Custom Software Development Services

At Salsita, we don't just supply the 3D product configurator software. Our 80+ person team of world-class designers and developers can create a custom solution based on our configurator technology to meet all your current and future needs.

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