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Salsita is a software development agency specializing in the creation of sophisticated, modern web applications and mobile apps. Our clients range from funded startups developing an MVP to world-famous enterprises such as eBay, SAP and Texas Instruments.

Our team covers the entire range of product development services including UX and graphic design, full-stack JavaScript development, UI development, quality assurance, project management, build/deployment engineering and L2 support. Our technologies of choice include Angular, React, React Native, Node, Cordova, Postgres and MongoDB.

We're all about

  • Hot sauce
  • Maintainable code
  • Automated tests
  • Cutting-edge tech
  • Exceeding expectations
  • Responsive UIs
  • Karaoke
  • Noisy offices
  • Quick-and-dirty hacks
  • It worked on my machine
  • Non-technical managers
  • Bait and switch
  • Mutating global state
  • Early meetings the day after karaoke
Matthew Gertner
Matthew Gertner CEO and Founder
The Painting


Foos Amateur League
A wild developer smashing Led Zeppelin

Workshouldbe fun

Pavel wishes he was more like Batman and less like QA
The Chillies
Tomas and Craiq
Sarka in her unnatural habitat
Project meeting
Project implementation


Guillaume listening to sounds of crumbling croissants
The Girls!

Our History

  1. 2010
    1. Jun

      Matt founds Salsita

      Salsita is led by Matthew Gertner, a veteran British/American software engineer who has founded several technology companies.

    2. Aug

      Our first office

      We rent an appropriately tiny office in Palac Austria in central Prague. One developer (Tomas), one office manager (Simona), one meeting room, one measly coffee machine (yes, it's red).

  2. 2011
    1. Mar

      We're hiring!

      Four developers and counting. Guess we don't really need that meeting room.

  3. 2012
    1. Feb

      Okay fine, I guess we do need a meeting room

      Salsita moves to a new office space (120 m2!) in lovely Palac Krizik, a few minutes walk from the old office. What's up with all these palaces anyway?

    2. Apr

      It's a girl!

      Matt and wife say hello to ther first and only child. She quickly starts lobbying to be the official Salsita mascot.

    3. May

      Outgrowing the browser extension space

      We expand our focus to web apps and select our first modern web framework: AngularJS. We're either smart or lucky because it rapidly conquers the web dev space. Anyone remember Knockout, Batman or Ember? (Just kidding, Ember people!)

  4. 2013
    1. Jan

      Kitt and kaboodle

      We kick off work on Kitt, the first and only mobile web browser to support Chrome extensions. The product is later sold to Eyeo, the maker of leading adblocker Adblock Plus.

    2. Mar

      Bursting at the seams

      That was fast! After visiting numerous potential offices, we move - wait for it - back to Palac Austria. Now the office is really kinda palatial and we've been here ever since (albeit tacking on adjacent spaces whenever they become available).

    3. May

      Head in the clouds

      After careful study and analysis we decide the smart thing to do is buy two massive Dell PowerEdge servers and host them in our office. This cloud thing is probably just a fad, right?

  5. 2014
    1. May

      Anyone want to buy two second-hand Dell servers?

      Hardly used.

    2. Sep

      Hello JIRA!

      After happily using Pivotal Tracker for project management for the last couple of years (and unhappily papering over its deficiencies), we finally accept that we need to use JIRA like everyone else. Just don't make us switch from Slack to HipChat.

    3. Nov goes live.

      Sponsored by Salsita, the site extends a helping hand to developers struggling to keep up with the fast-paced JavaScript ecosystem. To paraphrase Mark Twain: 'If you don't like the selection of JavaScript libraries now, just wait a few minutes.'

  6. 2015
    1. Feb

      Chain React-ion

      We land our first React.js project and embrace the virtual DOM. No one misses the 'digest' cycle.

    2. Jun

      Good sports

      Our custom-made foosball table arrives from the famed Czech manufacturer Rosengart. A slight drop in productivity is far outweighed by a huge jump in employee reaction speed and wrist strength.

  7. 2016
    1. Jul


      Our quest for intergalactic conquest begins with the opening of our new office in Ostrava in the Moravian-Silesian of Czechia.

    2. Nov

      50 people! We're all grown up.

      Suddenly it's a struggle to remember everyone's name. Luckily 37 of us are called Tomas.

  8. 2017
    1. Sep

      We're managing

      We continue to expand our team of top-notch project managers with two new additions. We're offering the full gamut of software services to clients including project management, software engineering, quality assurance and DevOps.

    2. Dec

      Blue-chip clients

      A great year ends with projects underway for such household names as SAP and eBay.

  9. 2018
    1. Mar

      React goes mobile

      React Native is heating up as we take on more and more projects using this ingenious new technology. React's younger sibling, it lets developers use multiplatform web technologies while creating truly native mobile apps.

    2. Jun

      Open source

      Our most popular open source project, an innovative library for React/Redux action composition called Prism, hits 500 stars. Check out our GitHub page to see all our open source work.

    3. Oct

      Creative spirit

      Our user interface team greets its 10th member. We cover every aspect of user interface developing including UX, graphic design and top-notch HTML and CSS specialists.

    4. Nov

      Giving back to the development community

      Our new meetup series attracts rave reviews with technical talks by our team on topics ranging from neural networks to Node.js and React Native. We end the evening with a fridge full of Birrell alcohol-free beer, and Matt announces he will take charge of beer selection personally from now on.

  10. 2019
    1. Feb

      We launch our new website to great fanfare

      The highlight is a poignant, witty new company history on the About Us page.

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