Discontinuing WebRunner

8 September 2011 by Matthew Gertner - Category: Salsita

Perhaps the hardest decision for a software developer to take is to discontinue a moderately successful product. Some products are outright failures and thus relatively easy to let go. Some are runaway hits for which this is not even a consideration. Those that lie in the middle are the problematic ones: they have plenty of [...]

Packaging WebRunner Applications… For Dummies!

1 August 2011 by Matthew Gertner - Category: Salsita

For some reason people have been complaining that they don’t understand my tutorial for packaging WebRunner applications. I’m not sure why since when I tried to reread it just now my head started hurting and I had to stop. The good news is that Stefan has created a much more user-friendly tutorial (with screenshots and [...]

WebRunner for Firefox 3.6?

10 May 2011 by Matthew Gertner - Category: Salsita

Having discovered that some recent changes to WebRunner had broken compatibility with Firefox 3.6, I had more or less decided simply to discontinue support for older versions of Firefox. Then I stumbled on the fact that nearly 64% of Firefox users still have version 3.6. I thought a bit harder about it, but I’m still [...]

WebRunner Available for Download

9 February 2011 by Matthew Gertner - Category: Salsita

Note: WebRunner has been discontinued. We discovered some issues with the WebRunner builds after my previous post, which are now fixed. Download them on the project page. All versions should now work in both Firefox 3.6 and 4.0. Kids, here’s a tip from Uncle Matt: test all your builds on all platforms in a production [...]

Prism is now WebRunner

9 February 2011 by Matthew Gertner - Category: Salsita

Update: WebRunner has been discontinued and is no longer available for download. Although we no longer support the public product, Salsita can still produce a packaged web app for distribution by your company. Contact us for more details. Mozilla Labs has not been working actively on Prism since early 2008. However, the Prism name has [...]

Just Browsing Moves to Salsita Software Website

20 October 2010 by Matthew Gertner - Category: Salsita

My blogging has always run hot and cold. There are periods when my head is overflowing with ideas that can’t wait to burst out as prose and others when I can’t find the inspiration or motivation to write anything at all. Nonetheless is it rather shocking to me that I haven’t posted anything here since [...]

Prism 1.0b4, Fixes Rare Windows Registry Issue

5 May 2010 by Matthew Gertner - Category: Salsita

A while back I blogged about a rare issue that occurred if a user clicked on the regprot.exe file included in Prism to handle protocol handler registration. I thought the issue had been fixed ages ago, but a couple of recent reports have led me to believe that it can still occur in some cases, [...]

Wanted: C++ Developer in Prague for Mozilla-Related Projects

26 March 2010 by Matthew Gertner - Category: Salsita

I’ve been doing freelance development for the past two years for various clients. All of the projects I currently work on are related to Mozilla technologies (Prism, Firefox extensions, etc.). Business is booming, and I would like to hire someone to help me keep up. The only two hard requirements are for someone who is [...]

Prism for Firefox 3.6 on OS X, an Update

10 February 2010 by Matthew Gertner - Category: Salsita

Yesterday I posted about an issue using the new Prism for Firefox extension on OS X. Based on a suggestion from Chris Beard, I’ve implemented a workaround that fixes the problem. It’s not the world’s cleanest solution, but it is only needed until the next release of Firefox comes out (assuming that bug 542004 gets [...]

Prism, Firefox 3.6, OS X and dependentlibs.list

9 February 2010 by Matthew Gertner - Category: Salsita

As we prepare to go live with Prism 1.ob3, I should mention that there is an issue with using the Prism extension in Firefox 3.6 on OS X. Prism uses the Firefox runtime (meaning the XUL, XPCOM and other libraries) for apps it creates. There is a small bug in Firefox 3.6 that prevents the [...]