27 September 2012 by Tomas Brambora - Category: Technical Articles

Here’s a confession – over time I have come to like services that expose their data via a RESTful API.┬áIt’s scalable, it’s understandable and quite importantly – it’s elegant. Working with REST is a breeze, right? Well, a few weeks ago, I found myself facing a rather mundane task – retrieving all the information about [...]

Agile Pointing: Fibonacci or Fibo-yes-chi?

24 September 2012 by Matthew Gertner - Category: Rants and Ruminations

My natural inclination is to be skeptical of anything billed as a “software development methodology”. I still remember my early years as a professional developer in France in the early 90′s when the “Merise” methodology was ubiquitous. To me it seemed like an excuse to spend tons of time on process documentation and other bureaucracy [...]